Imagine exchanging vows along the breathtaking cliff-sides of beautiful Maui, Hawaii, listening to the waves crash and taking in the views of the vast pacific ocean. That’s exactly what Anna and Piotr experienced on their intimate wedding day in Hawaii. The backdrop was simply jaw-dropping! Coupled with Anna’s whimsical wedding dress, it was like something out of a fairytale!

After their ceremony, we explored the beautiful cliffs and then embarked on our next adventure….an enchanted forest that literally feels like it is straight out of a mystical movie.

Eloping in Maui | Hawaii Jungle Elopement

The lush greenery, towering trees, and peaceful sounds of nature provided the perfect backdrop for the newlyweds to enjoy those first moments together as a married couple. It was like stepping into another world, and I couldn’t help but get lost in the beauty of it all.

After exploring the forest, I brought them to another one of my favorite Hawaii elopement locations…a secluded beach nestled between the surrounding cliffs. We made it to the beach in perfect timing to enjoy golden hour and get those beautiful Hawaii sunset couples photos! Creating a custom timeline is one of my favorite ways to help couples learn how to elope in Maui in a stress-free and enjoyable way! Anna and Piotr had the perfect amount of time to relax together and soak in their surroundings  before we set off to explore the beach. 

Sunset Trash the Dress Session in Hawaii

A light rain began to fall, and the sky was filled with a golden mist, creating an ethereal atmosphere. It was like the universe was putting on a show just for us. And you won’t believe it, but at the end, Anna and Piotr decided to take a plunge into the water, and trash the dress in Hawaii, embracing their joy and love in the most spontaneous and refreshing way. It was pure magic!

As the day came to a close, Anna and Piotr were treated to a spectacular moonrise, the perfect ending to their perfect day. The whole experience was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Anna and Piotr, and I am beyond grateful to have been able to document their Maui elopement through my lens.

Hawaii Elopement & Wedding Photographer | Aly Dove Photography

As a Hawaii elopement photographer, it’s my passion to capture those candid and heartfelt moments in a stress-free way and and as creatively as possible. I strive to create art that tells your unique love story, embracing a documentary-style approach that truly captures the essence of your special day. When you choose Aly Dove Photography, you can trust that you’re in good hands, and I’ll be there to make sure your Maui intimate wedding is nothing short of extraordinary.

So, if you’re considering how to elope in Maui and want to have those magical moments captured in a way that is authentic and trustworthy, I’m your go-to Hawaii elopement photographer. Let’s create something truly unforgettable together! Click here to fill out my contact form to take the first step to eloping in Hawaii.

Aly Dove | Your Maui Elopement Photographer

I specialize in capturing elopements in a creative way to highlight the candid moments of your wedding day as they unfold. With a documentary-style approach to my Hawaii elopement photography, your photos will become pieces of art that tell a unique story. I photograph elopements and weddings across Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, and Lanai. If you are interested in taking the first step in your journey to eloping in Hawaii, contact me and let’s get started on your Hawaii adventure wedding!

January 17, 2024
January 3, 2024

Courtney and Greg wanted something chill and different, because a big wedding just didn’t feel like their thing. During our call together, they began to describe where their dream elopement would be in Kauai. I asked if they were near a computer, because I had the perfect Kauai elopement spot for them! Once they saw the location, they were immediately blown away.

“As soon as you matched us with that, we felt seen and like you would be the perfect fit to capture our wedding day!” Courtney said. That is a big part of why being an elopement photographer in Hawaii is so rewarding. I love being able to match couples with locations that resonate with them. Whether you are thinking of eloping in Maui, having an elopement in Oahu, eloping on The Big Island, or a Kauai elopement like Courtney and Greg — it’s such an honor to be able to pair you two with your perfect ceremony location!

When I met Courtney and Greg on the morning of their tropical elopement, they were in their robes. They made coffee, because that’s something they love doing together every morning. The two of them also love hiking, and wanted to include that in their elopement. I felt so honored to have been able to capture every aspect of their elopement day.

After their hike, we got lunch in Hanapepe, which served as the town inspiration for Lilo and Stitch. Japanese Grandma’s Cafe served as the lunch spot, with tasty poke bowls and sushi – perfect for post-hike fuel and pre-wedding grub!

It was then time for Greg and Courtney to get ready for their Kauai elopement. They got ready at my favorite getting-ready location, available in my client portal (an exclusive resource for my clients filled with accommodation options, best places to dine, and activities to try when you visit Hawai’i!). Courtney had her hair and makeup done by Bridal Kauai, but she didn’t get changed into her dress until we got to the location. And getting to their Kauai elopement spot required some off-roading!

I got to work with one of my fave officiants in Hawaii, Kahu Ai, who makes it a point to really connect with his couples. He guides couples through their ceremony in a way that is respectful and honors the land, while being personable and genuinely caring about them and their story.

After their ceremony, they watched the sunset together and closed out the day with a bottle of champagne. Having an all day elopement doesn’t mean you have to be in your wedding attire for the entire day! It can be a great way to honor your favorite things to do together, and document memories of your trip to Hawaii.

June 22, 2023

Beach elopements on The Big Island of Hawaii are classic for a reason, but this doesn’t mean that they are ever ordinary. Each Hawaii beach wedding that I have the privilege of documenting is unique and beautiful, just like Anahi and Seth’s tropical Hawaiian elopement in the sand.

Since Hawaii is a popular wedding destination, it made sense for us to get to Anahi and Seth’s ceremony site early because it can get crowded! Anahi and Seth had two of their close friends join them for their beach wedding. Making your marriage legal in Hawaii requires an officiant, and one of their friends was happy to do the honors!

Mid-ceremony, the sun began to rise: giving Anahi and Seth a moment to gaze over the ocean. Anahi held her bouquet that she made herself, using flowers from the local farmer’s market here in Hawaii. The spot these two picked out for their ceremony was adorned with gorgeous lava rock, trees, and black sand!

Anahi and Seth knew that they wanted both a Hawaii beach backdrop and jungle vibes for their elopement. After the ceremony, we adventured around the area and I showed them to all of my fave spots (including a really cool road lined with trees!). Our last spot during their Hawaii elopement? The Tin Shack Bakery, located in Pahoa. There, they enjoyed smoothies and breakfast with their two friends and celebrated their Big Island wedding day.

Booking Your Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Want more inspiration for your elopement? Check out these elopements in Hawaii!

If you are planning an elopement in Hawaii, booking a photographer based on the islands is a great place to start. Fill out my contact form let’s chat to see if we would be a good fit!

May 19, 2023

This was a very special intimate wedding of two friends of mine – Nicolle and Paiden. These two are a little more on the introverted side, so making sure that they felt comfortable with their photographer was important to them!

Getting along with the vendors for your wedding matters. This is because weddings are such an intimate and heartfelt event, you want to be 100% certain that you are on the same page as your photographer!

Nicolle and Paiden’s Kona wedding venue was really special to them because they were allowed to have their ceremony on the land that they used to tend to. Paiden had an amazing vision for their day! These two brought in the community they had built through all of their friends to help make their intimate Hawaii wedding vision a reality.

I arrived for getting ready photos at their venue in Kona, and definitely recommend allotting extra time for that. Taking time to have some “getting ready” photos can be an intimate part of the day before the festivities. Paiden and Nicolle got ready together, but were able to surprise each other with the finishing touches as an organic “first look”.

Imparting personal style is so much fun, and these two started by wearing vintage dresses. They both wore Doc Martens to really bring in their own flair! Paiden dabbles in macrame craft that they included during their day, along with a macrame necklace using feathers that Nicolle found. Nicolle and Paiden on the hairpiece and adornments, making these accessories even more special. 

After their first look, we roamed around the gardens for fun photos, then I helped them connect for more intimate poses. Then they went to ground themselves for a few before the ceremony. 

I am still blown away at the personal touches that all of their friends and loved ones were able to include to really come together for Paiden and Nicolle’s Kona elopement. From farm to table catering thanks to the land of the venue, one of their friends did a live painting of them, another friend did florals, and another friend played flute during the ceremony. So many of their friends stepped up to support them, because they are such lovely people. Even their moms did the charcuterie!

Once their romantic ceremony was finished, it was time for dinner and speeches. The speeches giving at their Hawaii wedding were some of the most incredible speeches I have ever heard, and builds on the theme that their whole community showed up for them on their wedding day!

Outfit changes came next, for fun photos in their new outfits! After Nicolle and Paiden cut their cake, they had a sound bath that included a fire lighting ceremony with sound healing – representative of their relationship because they have done a lot of growth and healing together. This was the perfect way to wind down after such a fun-filled day.

May 11, 2023

M and J hail from Canada, where they were in a long distance relationship prior to getting married. I always have such a soft spot in my heart for couples who are able to do long distance. That can take a good deal of patience and is not for everyone! Fortunately, M and J conquered long distance, getting engaged and planning their adventure elopement in Hawaii.

A few days before M and J were scheduled to land in Hawaii, I received a frantic text from them. Their flight to Vancouver got cancelled, which meant they couldn’t make their connecting flight to Kona. There were no more flights to Vancouver for 2 days! Luckily, friendship prevailed: their friends said they could use their car and just GO. They drove through the Rockies, over 700 miles, in the hopes of making an alternate flight they had booked!

M and J didn’t just conquer a long distance relationship but also a sketchy drive with lots of snow, because they were determined. Amazingly, they made it to their gate in Vancouver with 5 minutes to spare! They were soon on their way to Hawaii for their elopement.

On their elopement day, we started in Kona. They wanted greenery as a backdrop for their Hawaii elopement, and weren’t picky for other specific locations. I volunteered my backyard as their ceremony location!

We met up at my house and went straight into the ceremony. Just because we aren’t at a wedding venue doesn’t mean you can’t have a song: M and J brought a speaker to play their favorite music. The ceremony was officiated by Liz, AKA the Big Island Elopement Officiant.

After their ceremony, we took some photos there in my backyard. At first, I was nervous because we normally get overcast skies and afternoon showers, but that day it was super bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Even though I prefer overcast skies, I really like how the light turned out for these images. We took to the beach after: scouting elopement locations in Hawaii is my favorite, and I know this secret and secluded cove.

Don’t forget to eat during the busyness of your elopement day! M and J had an adorable picnic thanks to 808 Picnics. The food was provided by Community Eats: she does it out of her home, and you can really feel the love put into each of her dishes with amazing presentation. On your elopement day, you can have everything from salads, to tacos, to charcuterie boards for afternoon munching. Check out my article where I cover all of the tastiest places to eat in Hawaii!

One of M and J’s friends who couldn’t attend asked me to get them a bottle of champagne, which I surprised them with. After their picnic, they called family and friends via Facetime with exciting news: “Guess what, we got married!”

During that time, I wanted to give them a lot of space to have those moments with their loved ones. My goals is to be able to give you that intimacy by working in the periphery. 

Their Hawaii elopement had no shortage of dramatic shots, because at the end of their day it started pouring! At first it was sprinkling so we kept shooting, but as soon as we got back to the car it started pouring.

Wai means water in Hawaii. Good omen. “Waiwai” means wealth. When it rains at the end of your wedding day, it feels like the best sign!

Tropical Hawaiian Elopement


Big Island Elopement Officiant

808 Picnics

Community Eats – Picnics and Private Cheffing

Learn More About Eloping in Hawaii

I have many resources for my couples who are thinking about eloping in Hawaii, eloping in Oahu, eloping in Maui, or eloping in Kauai! Anywhere from where to eat, what to pack for your Hawaii elopement, and more.

WORK WITH ME  | Your Hawaii Elopement Photographer

This Hawaiian elopement had it all: tropical vibes, the beach, an adorable picnic, and rain for good luck! Fill out my contact form to learn more about my hawaii elopement packages and make your Hawaii elopement dreams come true.

April 24, 2023

Utah is one of the most picturesque states in the USA for an adventure elopement! From Moab to Arches, Bonneville Salt Flats to Park City…there are so many gorgeous places to consider when eloping in Utah.

This Utah elopement shows off the beauty of the Utah outdoors – and serves as perfect inspiration for planning an elopement in Utah. Scroll down for my five tips for eloping in Utah, including things I didn’t realize until I traveled to the “Beehive State”.


  • For many elopement locations in Utah, finding easily accessible airports can be tough. To get to Moab, the airport in Flagstaff may be closer! You can also fly into Salt Lake City, Phoenix, or destinations in Colorado to access adventurous elopement spots in Utah. Be prepared to fly into a major airport and then budget for flying into a smaller airport, OR put driving into your itinerary depending on what works best for you!

  • The national parks in Utah are stunning places to host your Utah elopement. Imagine a magical elopement in Zion or Arches National Parks! National parks can be crowded depending on the time of day or year. You can easily avoid lines by starting your elopement early (plus, you’ll get to take advantage of the gorgeous morning desert light!), and stay cool by having a morning elopement, too. If you elope during the “off season” you will still get beautiful colors. Spring is one of the best times to have a Utah elopement!

  • Utah has its share of weather you need to prepare for! Temperatures can get hot in the summer, so bring plenty of water. Coming from Hawaii, I was surprised to see how much drier the air was in Utah: but makes sense! Lotion and chapstick were my friends, so I definitely recommend stocking up! Layers are great for cooler months – and even work well during warmer times of the year, since temperatures can dip down to freezing as the sun sets. During winter, many places in Utah can be inaccessible. It’s always a good idea to consult your elopement photographer on what time of year will work best for where you’d like to elope in Utah.

  • Another important tip for eloping in Utah? Being aware of the various rules, regulations, and permitting processes. Even liquor laws are different in Utah – so if you’re wanting to celebrate your Utah elopement with champagne, you’ll have to pick that up at a state liquor store. Eloping in a national park, like Zion, or Bryce Canyon? A special use permit will be required for your special day. Your photographer (hi!) should be able to walk you through this process, so that you can focus on the more fun parts of planning your elopement in Utah.

  • Everyone wants to go to Utah for its awesome ski season, or for desert elopement vibes. But don’t sleep on Utah’s wildflower season! Areas near Park City like Cottonwood Canyon are awesome because of the greenery and flowers blooming in the mountains. As a bonus, one of my favorite elopement locations: Bonneville Salt Flats, are located just two hours from Park City.

There you have it, friends! Some of my best tips for planning your elopement in Utah. Whether you are wanting to elope at Arches National Park, amongst the wildflowers near Park City, or on the vast desert playa of Bonneville Salt Flats – I am here to help. Let’s get to planning, shall we?

August 3, 2022

Hawaii is such a tropical paradise. Because of this, Hawaii has no shortage of stunning waterfalls that make the perfect backdrop for an elopement! A Hawaii waterfall elopement is hard to beat. Sarah and Josh agreed! They wanted to have a black sand beach elopement near Hilo, complete with rappelling down a waterfall.

It’s so rewarding when a couple chooses to have a day that really speaks to who they are! Sarah and Josh were drawn to Hilo because of its jungles and beauty. It also helped that Sarah performed in the Merrie Monarch Festival near Hilo as a hula dancer!

Josh and Sarah had been together for 11 years, but inquired for their elopement only about a month out. They were a little nervous about putting together an incredible elopement day with such short notice, but this is where I am here to help! I want to assist in getting all of the planning portions of your day taken care of, so that you can have a totally epic elopement experience here in Hawaii.

Sarah and Josh were to have a bigger wedding in Mexico, but the paperwork was a little complicated. Because they wanted their family to be a part of their wedding day, they decided to take a “best of both worlds” approach. They eloped in Hawaii at a black sand beach, rappelling off a cliffside – something adventurous and fun! A few months later, they will have their Mexico wedding with friends and family by their side.

After their sunrise ceremony at one of Hawaii’s stunning black sand beaches, we explored and then took a breakfast break. (But not before we were starstruck by seeing legendary Hawaiian surfer Cliff Kapono out on the waves!) Then we headed to the waterfall! We hired Eric from Island Mountain Guides as the rappelling guide for this unforgettable adventure. If booking vendors seems stressful, I’ve got you covered. I can take care of those parts of your elopement day for you, no worries!

The rappelling location took place at The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls. If you are wanting a Hawaii waterfall elopement experience, this location also has the option of an Intimate Wedding Package!

After tons of fun capturing their waterfall rappelling adventure with my videographer pal Sea The Light, Josh and Sarah had an outfit change for a Trash the Dress session. The end of your elopement day is yours to just be playful and have a good time!


Officiant: Kahu Tom

Hair/Makeup: Beauty by Charisse Grace

Florals: Wildblooms Hawaii

Rappelling Guide: Island Mountain Guides

Waterfall Location: The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls

Trash the Dress Outfit: Lulus

August 1, 2022

Jessica and Brendan are from Canada where most of my extended family lives. Their family friends own a beachfront house in Anahola, Kauai, which Jessica and Brendan were able to visit right before the pandemic. When they got engaged, their hearts were set on getting married in this gorgeous, secluded Kauai cottage. With their immediate family and closest friends in attendance, this beachfront Kauai backyard wedding was wonderfully intimate.

Jessica and Brendan’s day started with a heartfelt first look with Jessica and her dad prior to the ceremony, which was such a special moment! When their ceremony took place, Jessica’s dad was able to officiate, too. After vows were exchanged, it was time for champagne and mingling!

Jessica and Brendan then wanted to head to another spot for photos, just the two of them. It’s about a 45 minute drive to the North Shore! We set off to Hanalei Bay, and the Hāʻena area.

Jessica and Brendan wanted to do something fun and stop on a fruit stand on the way to our photo location. At first, Hawaii had other plans. The first fruit stand we made it to was closed, as well as the shave ice shop!

However, when we pulled up to the beach to do sunset photos, our jaws dropped when we saw a red truck filled with coconuts! We couldn’t believe it! Fresh coconuts were waiting for Jessica and Brendan! The two of them had coconuts cut fresh for them, complete with straws. I firmly believe that the Hawaiian Islands look out for you on special days. And this is an example!

Makua/Tunnels Beach was our last stop for photos. Locals ask that you not have wedding ceremonies at this location, due to its sacred nature. But this is a great location to enjoy and take a few photos while also being respectful of local beach goers. We were blessed with an awesome sunset!

We headed back to the Kauai beach house for their reception. This is where going above and beyond really plays a role with what I’m about. Jessica and Brendan’s wedding coverage was originally going to end sooner, but when they asked if I could capture their first dance, both myself and the Eternal Tides team agreed! We wanted to make sure that they had all of the events of their wedding day captured and thought this would be a great way to thank them for being so flexible! I was honored to be able to let them know I’d document their first dance.

There were torches set up around the dancing area, giving a dim atmosphere. Earlier that day, Jessica and Brendan had asked me if the torches were enough for lighting. I mentioned that it would probably be better for them if we brought in a few additional light sources, just in case.

Remember when we were exploring around the North Shore, looking for fruit stands and taking photos in the beautiful Kauai scenery? During that time, their loved ones hit up a Costco and set up more lighting for them to dance under. Isn’t that sweet?

Jessica and Brendan enjoyed a first dance together, along with parent dances. They would then spend the next few days honeymooning in Maui, and doing a catamaran tour on the Nā Pali coast. I recommend everyone do that at least once! Such a fun Hawaii honeymoon experience. I’m also so excited to start offering honeymoon photos, since a lot of couples choose to honeymoon in Hawaii! Your Hawaii elopement or wedding coverage doesn’t have to end on your wedding day! You can have your honeymoon adventure documented too. Each moment you spend together is worth it!

Thank you Jessica and Brendan for being so go with the flow, for trusting me to capture your day, and for the amazing lasagne! & a special shoutout to Eternal Tides Photography for planning such a wonderful itinerary for this incredible couple!

Your Hawaii Elopement Photographer 〡Aly Dove

My job doesn’t just start and stop at photos! I am here for you through every step of your elopement process: whether that’s helping you pick your makeup artist, decide what Hawaiian island is right for you, and helping you discover where the perfect place to stay in Kauai! Fill out my contact form to get started on your Kauai elopement. Let’s do this!


Hair and Makeup: The Artists Co.

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: RW&Co.

June 30, 2022

Kauai is one of my favorite places to shoot elopements and weddings – eloping in Kauai is a whole other experience! For Jennifer and Steven’s elopement in Kauai, they opted for dramatic cliffsides near Poipu.

Poipu is on the south side of Kauai, with a resort-like feel. Because it is the southern part of the island, it is usually drier here. But that was not the case for their elopement! It happened to be pouring the entire week leading up to Jennifer and Steven’s wedding, but that’s okay because everything worked out and rain is known as a “good luck” omen for weddings.

I picked Jennifer up after she had gotten ready, and we headed to the beach to meet Steven for their first look. With my eye on the Doppler radar, we were waiting for the perfect time! While the rain didn’t completely clear, it let up just enough for the two of them to have their first look together. After they had that special moment just the two of them, we wandered along the cliffs and forests for photos.

Family members soon joined us on the beach for their Kauai elopement ceremony, with Jennifer’s sister officiating. Once the ceremony finished, we snapped some family shots! And of course, right after the last few group photos of the day, it started pouring again.

I love the Poipu area of Kauai for elopements because you are never more than five minutes away from someplace epic! Read on for more of my Kauai elopement tips and info – and get in touch to chat more about your Kauai elopement!


Hair/Makeup Company: Artists Co.

Hair/Makeup Artist: Mia Moriguchu

Florals: Blue Orchid Kauai 


South Side of Kauai

In general, the south side of the island can be more resort-like and attracts the most tourists! Towns like Poipu, where you’ll find cute spots such as Living Foods– where you can grab some light bites & drinks. It’s super cute and has some unique grocery items inside along with an incredible brunch on the weekends! Want to grab dinner somewhere upscale? Try Beachhouse, which is great for a celebratory meal!

If you’re a Lilo and Stitch fan, this one is for you. The town of Hanapepe was the inspiration for the town in the movie! It can be a cute stop while you’re in the area. And before checking out some of south Kauai’s natural wonders, head to Warehouse 3540 in Lawai. It’s a fun little marketplace with shops and food trucks!

Things to Do on the South and West Side of Kauai

Kōkeʻe State Park/Waimea Canyon are amazing places to see. It’s like a smaller Grand Canyon in the middle of an island! You can drive through the whole thing, and stop to soak up the sights and various lookouts. Keep in mind that if it’s too cloudy, you won’t be able to see too far so keep an eye on the weather! Camping is a blast here, so don’t forget layers because it can get chilly at night! Usually it is drier and warmer and the beginning of the canyon, and wetter near the end (remember to bring your rain jacket!).

If you want to see the incredible mountains that make up this canyon from the shoreline, I highly recommend doing a boat tour. This is probably the most unique and incredible activity you can do while you are in Kauai and you won’t regret the breathtaking views. They are many different tours…from sunset catamaran tours that include a meal, snorkeling tours, or smaller boats that go into some of the caves. Regardless of the craft to get you there, it’s worth the trip! These tours depart year round from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor on the west side of Kauai or from Hanalei only in the summer months on the north shore.

Places to Stay on the South Side of Kauai

  • This villa is perfect if you are visiting Kauai with lots of friends and family for your intimate wedding!
  • For a more intimate experience, this condo is right on the water. Really a romantic stay!

East/Central Kauai

You aren’t too far from the airport if you choose to stay near the east side of Kauai, which can be a plus. There are also a lot of cool hotels which can be more budget friendly. The most populated town in Kauai, Kapa’a, has a bunch of shops and places to stay. You might want to check out Fish Bar Deli, a cute restaurant in old town Kapa’a with incredible cocktails and food with local ingredients. If you’re looking for a hotel to stay at, the newly renovated Kauai Shores Hotel has a nice pool, lawn games, and is right next door to the Lava Lava Beach Club – where you can enjoy live music.

Things to Do on the East Side of Kauai

You will definitely want to stay near east/central Kauai if you are wanting to hike during your trip! This area is accessible to a lot of hikes, including Sleeping Giant. This area of the island is your go-to for so many outdoor activities! And soaking in the beauty of Kauai is never a bad idea.

Places to Stay on the East Side of Kauai

  • I love this treehouse bungalow, located in Wailua. This would be a great place to stay during your Kauai elopement trip!
  • This vacation home in Lihue has beautiful windows to take in the ocean views.

North Shore of Kauai
The North Shore is the go-to area for those seeking a natural Kauai experience. With more rain on this part of the island than others, that leads to lush jungles and beautiful greenery. You’ll find staggering cliffs and mountains near towns such as Princeville. You can even see waterfalls from mountaintops where it’ll be raining at the summit, but sunny near the base. So cool! The area of Hanalei Bay is another place that is really neat to explore. Find cute coffee shops nearby such as Trilogy Coffee in Kilauea or Hanalei Bread Co. You’ll find my favorite hidden gem, Palate Wine Bar, up in the North Shore, too! The have yummy flatbread pizzas, an amazing assortment of wines and beer, pasta, salads, and cheese boards. Delicious!

Things to Do on the North Shore of Kauai

The North Shore is a great place to learn how to surf, so why not take a surfing lesson? This is a really popular activity for visitors. Keep in mind that you want to be as respectful of the locals as possible: obey parking signs near the beach, drive slowly and safely. The North Shore draws a lot of visitors, so we need to make sure we treat the area with respect.

Another fun thing to do on the North Shore is visit the gorgeous Hāʻena State Park. You’ll totally want to hike Kalalau trail, but remember that reservations are required and I strongly recommend taking the Go Hāʻena shuttle to get to the park.

Places to Stay on the North Shore of Kauai

  • I just want to move into the Hanalei Bay Hideaway. Imagine coming back here after your elopement – so cozy and quaint!
  • Princeville is the town you will want to search for places to stay! There are many condos, airbnbs, and hotels in this area and you are only about a five minute drive to Hanalei Bay.
  • If you want something a little less touristy, I’d recommend looking up Airbnbs near Anini Beach.

Your Kauai Elopement Photographer

There you have it – your ultimate guide to the gorgeous island of Kauai! Whether you are eloping in Kauai or having an intimate wedding in Kauai, I can’t wait to help you plan your Hawaiian elopement in this slice of paradise. Let’s get started!

June 24, 2022
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